Sunday, September 07, 2008

Neo FreeRunner

I received my openmoko Neo FreeRunner on Friday.   It’s a neat Linux phone that is much more open than usual. I’ve logged into it as root, and are installing some updates.  I’ve had a quick poke around, and feel really at home, ssh’ed in to my phone, poking around in /proc and /sys, it’s Linux 2.6.24, and to configure the main phone application, you make dbus calls.

So, this week I’ll be learning about the Neo and possibly upgrading it to a newer release from the factory default.

Today, I also spent quite a lot of time working with my Arduino, building a circuit that controls a relay to drive a pump, based on 5 different water temperatures.   The pump heats the floor, but only when the is more hot water in the tank than we want.

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Glen said...

I don't remember having any special issues making it work with Mandriva. It just needed a usb network connection setup and firewall rules adjusted.