Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mandriva 2010 issue of Linux Identity

For the latest 2010 release, I spent quite some time working on all the articles for the Mandriva 2010 issue of Linux Identity magazine . These articles are suitable for beginners, with the most complex article being one on a basic Mandriva Directory Server setup. They recently posted me a copy of the magazine, so enjoyed seeing my work, as I can’t buy the magazine here.

For those wondering, working on magazine content takes a lot longer than writing a blog, but is rewarding and worth while to me, as I want to support the community, which I feel involves all, including beginners that like to buy magazines with DVDs attached. :) I tried to cover things like installing Mandriva, setting up dual boot ( Transfug drake does need some improvement ), personalization of the desktop, multi users including parental controls and installing new applications.

I found writing the articles alerted me to many bugs as I started this during the beta’s of Mandriva 2010, so it was a process of write something, log a bug, push to get bug fixed before the final release.. so that the article did not have to have a.. oh, this works, but you have to make these changes to xyz.